National Ice Cream Day is here!

In honor of National Ice Cream Day (a.k.a. one of the best days ever) it only makes sense to share a recipe from fellow blogger Rachel of “Healthy & Psyched” featuring her homemade ‘nice cream’ bowl. This recipes packs the nutrients and yumminess all in one delicious bowl. Plus, it’s not super complicated – so I think even I can pull this recipe off! HAPPY NATIONAL ICE CREAM DAY!!!

I had actually scheduled a different post for today, but then I found out it was NATIONAL ICECREAM DAY. So I decided to upload the recipe for my breakfast, which I posted on instagram : mango and nectarine nicecream (a.k.a. banana icecream). I’ve called it a Sunshine Smoothie on account of the colour and the bits of…

via Sunshine Smoothie Bowl (Mango & Nectarine) — Healthy & Psyched

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